Underactive Bladder

Underactive Bladder is a chronic, complex, and debilitating disease suggestive of detrusor underactivity, and is usually characterized by:

  • prolonged urination

  • sensation of incomplete emptying

  • hesitancy

  • reuced filling sensation

  • slow stream

  • palpable bladder

  • straining to void

  • incontinence

  • increased bladder volume

UAB is associated with aging, and is a major driving force in nursing home admissions. very little about UAB is known, and outside of catheterization, managing the disease is difficult. 


1.) Determine why patients develop UAB.

2.) Develop early detection and prevention methods.

3.) Discover treatments for UAB. 

Discovering effective treatments for Underactive Bladder

Currently, we are working with Cook MyoSite to develop a Muscle-Derived StemCell injection for the treatment of UAB. watch this presentation by Dr. Ananias Diokno for more information.

Leaders in education: CURE-UAB conference series

For the past 5 years, we have hosted the Congress for Understanding and Research for Underactive Bladder (UAB) conference series. this conference focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and stakeholders. Topics include UAB treatment, prevention, detection, and patient education.

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